FlipNpik is an innovative social media platform that allows users to monetize their

social media posts by supporting their favourite local shops. A few days ago, this

creative platform which works on the world famous bitcoin-blockchain technology

turned the game on its head by eliminating the large investment required to enjoy

100% bonus of FNP (FlipNpik) tokens to the public so as to level the playing field for

small investors. Watch the announcement here.

FlipNpik empowers small businesses and communities by providing a global platform

that supports a community of mutually beneficial relationships. Within the FlipNpik

community (via the FlipNpik App), Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) get more

visibility, as well as marketing and promotion from the collaborative efforts of users,

who in turn get rewarded and remunerated with FlipNpik tokens when they support

the businesses they love.

Deploying a fiat-based payment gateway that uses money transfers to facilitate

transaction of coins, FlipNpik allows the larger community who may be new to but

interested in cryptocurrencies to easily break down the ‘crypto barrier’. Seasoned

crypto investors will still be able to subscribe to the private sale and ICO using

crypto-based payments. Starting with a low minimum buy-in of 100 USD, anyone can

benefit from the ‘whale’ bonus which can reach 100%. This means you can now

easily purchase FNP tokens and enjoy INSTANT BONUS traditionally reserved for

large investors. You double your bonus instantly when you refer a friend who

purchase the same amount of FNP tokens as you. With an investment of $100, you

get a bonus of $100 dollar and even more when you refer friends.

See Video to learn more.

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