Actress Faithia Balogun talks about new chieftaincy title, growing up

Popular Nollywood actress, Faithia Balogun opened up on her recent chieftaincy title, growing up, being one of the 100 most influential Deltans and more.

When asked about her new chieftaincy, the “Iya Alalake” actress said,

Iya Adinni Atesise is when you are very religious person. I can interpret any role. My new chieftaincy or religion does not change anything for my dressing or from who Fathia Balogun is.

I’m still the same person, I can play any role, I can wear anything, my religion is in me.

The God I serve is inside me. I don’t have to pretend to cover my head and I get somewhere and then take it off.

If u dress anyhow of do anyhow in movies doesn’t mean I don’t know how to relate with my God.

On her being one of the 100 most influential Deltans:

I was so happy. I told my father, he was surprised. I will say thank you to my fans for being there for me.”

Her take on domestic violence:

Anybody that does that should be killed, no judgement. I don’t think it’s a good thing. We should try and preach and talk to them, maybe they have mental problem.