‘My Virgins help me communicate with the dead’ – Charly Boy

65-year-old eccentric Nigerian celebrity Charly Boy has revealed to the public that the women that are usually seen in public which he calls his ‘virgins’ help him communicate with the dead.

The Area Fada shared a couple of photos with him and his virgins on his Instagram page yesterday, August 23, 2016 and revealed the macabre job description of his women.

Charly Boy with one of his virgins

My Virgins help me communicate with all my dearly departed. They can translate the message of the dead” wrote Charly Boy.

Charly Boy is famous or rather notorious for appearing in public with his virgins all dressed up in a punk-gothic way which normally creates a scene and grabs headlines.

Charly Boy has always been an odd ball

In another Instagram post, Charly Boy wrote about his multiple personalities. According to the singer he has four personalities- “Charles Emeka Oputa, the guy you’re having this conversation with. The phenomenon you know as Charly Boy, Linda my feminine alter ego and Odudubariba the spiritual warrior.

One of Charly Boy's virgins communicating with him  

The former PMAN president went on to further write that he keeps reinventing himself and is a source of inspiration to the Nigerian youth. “I keep reinventing myself as I keep circumventing, even though I have taken a beating from foes, the nigerian army, the police ect ect I have kept on ticking, because my words and ways have inspired millions of youths to be themselves to never allow anybody kill their dreams. Because of me, many Naija youths never gave up on themselves or their dream.

Charly Boy and Denrele kissing


“I have been teaching them, how to keep it real. And I have shown them that they can’t afford to compromise their dream bcos some idiot don’t get it. Yes I will for ever keep transforming because am a student of life. As long as I have my young exceptional youths as my friend I will never run out of steam, I will never grow old. I will always be a Boy at heart. Charly Boy is a vitality brand. The rest is drama, welcome to my world. Fuck the rest.

Charly Boy has always been an odd character since his emergence into the music scene in the late 80s. Five years from hitting 70 Charly Boy is still an entertaining oddball.