Former Beauty Queen, opens up on being single and successful

Dabota Lawson was a recent guest on Moments on Ebony Life Tv were she talked about being single, smart and successful.

When asked about why people attach marriage to every single thing, she said, “Being married doesn’t change someone’s perspective of you. If someone doesn’t like you they won’t like you whether you’re married or not.

I try my best to focus on the positive because everything about me is not negative regardless of what has been written in the media.

Recently, Ms Lawson launched her new project Dabota Life alongside her new bottle water company which she said was meant to provide clean water to children in rural areas, and also to community schools, hospitals and orphanages.

The lack of safe water in rural areas is a major cause of death and a significant obstacle to community development, especially for growing children,” she said in a statement released on Instagram, adding “And ou‎r project, DABOTA LIFE, is geared mainly towards children in rural areas, community school, orphanages and hospitals.‎

Recall that the beauty queen’s marriage has ended ever since she filed for divorce from her husband of two years

In the divorce papers Dabota Lawson revealed that Sunny Akuwas still technically married when they had their wedding in December 2014. As a result of this revelation she cannot continue the marriage.